My sessions are rooted in systems theory. I look at the individual as a complex biological system engulfed in the socio-cultural context interacting with other systems such as other people and the environment. This outlook helps me holistically evaluate clients’ issues from the perspective of their environment, social interactions, and physical and emotional health to better understand why they face hardships. As part of the sessions, I explain my framework so the client can utilize it later on their own.
I provide a single (1 hour) and series of sessions.
A single session is suitable for solving minor health disturbances, optimizing health behaviors, quick psychedelic preparation or integration, microdosing coaching, or as an orientation call for the series.
If you want to go deeper into the roots of your issues, then multiple sessions are a better idea. For extended sessions, there is a possibility to arrange a free short pre-consultation call to discuss the process.

Cost of the service: 60 EUR per hour

Types of calls that I offer

  • Psychedelic preparation and integration (please note that this is not a substitute to psychedelic therapy, and I will take no responsibility for the outcome of your psychedelic session, please do not take psychedelics on your own but look for an experienced trauma-informed facilitator).
  • Microdosing coaching.
  • Advice on how to stabilize the nervous system if you experienced HPPD (Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder) or DP(depersonalization)/DR (derealization) after psychedelic/cannabis use.
  • Are psychedelics for you? Would psychedelics improve your wellbeing? Where can you find legal psychedelic sessions, and how to choose an ethical facilitator/retreat? I can answer these and more questions that you have about psychedelics.
  • Somatic-oriented nervous system regulation exercises session for better stress management.
  • Biohacking - advice for increased focus, motivation, energy levels, better sleep - including advice on supplements, diets, potential tests
  • Longevity advice - advice for increased vitality, steps towards a longer healthy lifespan - includes recommendations for supplements and lifestyle changes.
  • Epigenetic coaching - a coaching session based on the results of a commercial DNA test. Includes recommendations for health and lifestyle re-adaptations to live according to your genotype. Examples of content: potential food allergies, health limiting factors, and how to overcome them. You will need to buy the DNA test before this session. I can advise you where to purchase such a test. These sessions are more expensive as they require more preparation from me. One hour costs 120 EUR.
  • A mixture of the above if requested by a client
  • Before the session

    Please email me with an indication of which topics interest you. If you want me to advise you on which session type could be the most helpful, please mention your goals for the session.
    Once I know what kind of session you are after, I will send you a survey containing questions about your stress levels, ways of coping with stress, history of your mental health, physical state, and goals. The questionnaire’s purpose is to help me prepare for the call but is optional, and if you do not wish to provide me with such information in writing, we can also discuss all of these points during the call.
    I will also send you a link to the calendar booking system and payment option.


    I will summarize each of the discussed points in a short report that I will email you briefly after the session for all-time access to the information from the session.

    Sessions can be arranged via phone or zoom.

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