The consultations format is tailored to each client’s needs. We can start with one hour and then proceed as needed. I can meet you in person (my country of residence is the Netherlands), or we could connect via phone or Internet application.
For extended sessions, there is a possibility to arrange a free short pre-consultation call to establish how many hours you will need. To make the service more effective I will ask you to fill in the survey with questions on your stress level, ways of coping with it, other coping mechanisms, history of your mental health, your physical state and your goals. The questionnaire is optional, and if you do not wish to provide me with such information in writing, we can also discuss all of these points during the call.
I will summarise each point that we discussed in a short report that I will email you briefly after the session so you can access and remind yourself of all the information whenever you want.

Cost of the service: 50 EUR per hour

Possible topics of consultation.

Would you like to try psychedelics but you do not know whether they are for you?
Microdosing advice – what microdosing is useful for, when to microdose and for how long, should you try microdosing and what can you expect from it
Psychedelics for the achievement of a state of flow
Who should be careful with psychedelics?
What to do if you are spaced out after psychedelic experience or experience other side effects.
Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder – what is it and why should you be worried about it.
Psychedelic induced depersonalization – what to do when it happens

How to use cannabis to achieve a state of flow, improve meditation and decrease stress level.
Cannabis as support for self-applied somatic therapy.

Other topics
How to achieve a state of flow?
Natural ways of increasing energy levels
Natural supplements and cognitive enhancers for more energy and improved mood
How to improve your meditation practice?
How to read symbolic language of the mind and understand better psychedelic messages and dreams.
Do you need help with finding your talent or unique ability?
Basics of self-applied somatic therapy.