My Bio

You access memories in the same way as you learned it.

My style of learning is: understanding how things work. I have been prepared for life in this way by my parents, who are both engineers. Because of that, I have always been driven by curiosity and the need to understand as many things around me as possible.
The main challenges of my life were physical health problems. Digestive issues had been part of my everyday struggle for the majority of my existence. I also had low energy, mood issues, and emotional shutdowns. Since adolescence, I have put myself on a mission to understand the reasons for bottlenecks in my wellbeing. I have also started a search for the most effective tools that would enable me to enjoy myself. I have read hundreds of books, scientific papers, entered academia, and explored hands-on many other modalities. I graduated from MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences (UCL). I finished the Post-MSc program and worked as a researcher at the Technical University of Eindhoven, exploring persuasive science and tech for an increase in motivation and engagement in healthcare oriented solutions. I experimented with different substances: psychedelics, cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, nootropics, Ayurvedic herbs, and biohacking and longevity supplements. For the last few years, I have been focusing on somatic oriented approaches like dance, embodiment, and the polyvagal theory. Experimentation and research of all of these modalities made me realize that no single method can improve the life of a modern human. The tools need to be tailored to each individual but also combined into a systemic solution. We are a product of interaction with others and our environments, and self-development work should take this into account.
I have been utilizing this knowledge and experience in all of my current or recent activities:

  • a facilitator for one-on-one sessions with psilocybin truffles (legal in the Netherlands where I live)
  • an assistant facilitator at one of the most prominent legal psychedelic retreats in the world
  • a co-creator of a program and Client Experience Coordinator of the first longevity clinic in Europe
  • a coach on the topics of physical and mental health wellbeing
  • I gave numerous lectures on the subject of psychedelic substances and health optimisation. I was a speaker at the Beyond Psychedelics 2018 conference, was invited by the Czech psychedelic organisation to give two talks (in Prague and Brno) for around 150 people, presented for Consciousness Hacking in Zurich, Breaking Convention 2019 conference, Anthropos 2019 festival and during many smaller events in the Netherlands.
    Finally, I am a co-founder and coordinator of the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands. The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands is a community and educational platform that enables discussion and shares information on the safe use of psychedelic substances in the therapeutic context. The organization assisted Leiden University with its microdosing study.
    I would love to offer everything I have learned to help you to be a more optimal version of yourself, to empower you to live more fully and be more grateful and content with experiences that you have had as part of your life.