My Bio

I have studied various topics and explored a few carreers in my life. I graduated and later had worked in London as an Environmental Engineer, gained an MSc diploma in Cognitive and Decision Sciences at the University College London and finally had explored human computer interaction and persuasive science and technology for positive behaviour change at the Technical University of Eindhoven, first as a Post-MSc student and then as an academic researcher. Currently I am a coordinator of Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands, an organization which I co-founded to advocate for an open, unbiased discussion on the topic of psychedelics and their therapeutic potential.
I perceive myself as a biohacker/optimizatio¬¬n explorer or simply said – a person that has always experimented with different self-improvement techniques. As an engineer, I have always seen my mental health as a problem that is possible to be fixed, and embarked on a path to find the most effective solutions to make myself content with life, become confident and achieve meaningful relations with other people. I had suffered from depression, social anxiety and other less severe mental health problems. While I still struggle with some minor issues, I consider myself now a person who is content with life and feeling equipped with adaptation skills needed to achieve whatever I want.
In order to get where I am now, I had conducted a lot of independent and academic research on many therapeutic and behaviour change modalities. To understand how the human mind works, I have explored topics sometimes unseemingly unconnected such as Jungian psychology, a hero journey of Campbell, alchemy, tarot, psychedelics, mindfulness, somatic therapy, trauma based therapy, neuroscience, cognitive science, persuasive science and technology, AI and machine learning, natural supplementation and various methods of switching off stress response. This year, I have also travelled with consciousness researchers and healers associated with the Evolving Caravan group ( ). I attended their workshops and learned ways of being more present and grounded in the body directly from the renowned teachers working with the group.
My views on psychedelics have been evolving and now my focus is on a harm reduction and providing full spectrum information. Psychedelics are not a magic pill and can be harmful if ingested in inappropriate set and setting or if facilitated by a person with no proper background. I have started to raise these issues as a speaker – I gave an introduction to psychedelics talk at the Mus in Tilburg in April 2018 and in June 2018 I presented on psychedelic induced depersonalization and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder at the Beyond Psychedelic conference in Prague . I am also involved in co-production of the Psychedelic Renaissance, a documentary feature that will present comprehensive view on psychedelics.
Currently, I utilize all of my experience and knowledge as a sitter for people who want to try psilocybin truffles, which are legal in the Netherlands. This work is a tremendous source of new insights both for my clients and myself. To prepare myself for this I trained as carer for difficult psychedelic experiences at the festivals, and worked as a sitter during ceremonies.
As a sitter I learned to get to the core of each client’s intention and through gentle approach I try to empower each person to solve not only the problem at hand but also to provide tools for dealing with other issues. I believe that each person knows the best what is good for himself/herself so I am just providing a framework, leaving majority of work to the client.
The mind is not all, and I recognize the importance of the body. I believe that sensorial experience is the main building block of our consciousness and body should be treated as important as the mind. I tend to my body through yoga, meditation, dance, intermittent fasting, healthy food (no sugar, no gluten), supplementation, cold showers, getting enough sleep, walks in the park and many other methods. To look after my container I gathered so much knowledge that I have a pretty decent understanding of how it operates and how to make it work more optimally.
I would love to offer everything I have learned to help you to be a more optimal version of yourself, to empower you to live more fully and be more grateful and content with experiences that you have had as part of your life.