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My name is Marta, and I am an optimisation/biohacking consultant.
I can help you to improve how you manage stress and energy levels, and enable you to be more focused and live more in the present moment.
My specialisations are psychedelics, cannabis, natural supplements and various methods of switching off fight and flight response.
I provide consultations in person, via phone, Skype, WhatsApp or other preferred application.
I tailor the advice to each person – before we talk I will send you a survey to establish your personality type, your goals and current ways of dealing with stress.
I would love to offer everything I have learned to help you to be a more optimal version of yourself, to empower you to live more fully and be more grateful and content with the experiences that you have had as part of your life.

Interested? Check out my bio or have a glimpse into my knowledge base by reading my blog.

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Too stressed and fatigued to achieve your goals?

Interested in trying psychedelics but you do not know where to start and how to do it responsibly?

Would you like to tap into the broad potential of cannabis to heal your body and mind?

I can help you with these issues and with many more as part of the consultation service. I offer one hour or longer sessions during which I share and tailor knowledge and experience from years of academic and personal research on cognitive science, a science of persuasion and behavioural change methods, biohacking, use of psychedelics and cannabis for self-improvement and therapeutic purposes, mindfulness and many many more.

I am available for individual and group calls, consultations and presentations.

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News & Events

A list of my talks or events I contribute to.

  • 29.11 - 02.12.2018

    Holistic Visions: the Symposium

    Symposium organised by the Le Ciel Foundation

  • 25.10.2018

    Entities and beings in a psychedelic healing process

    My talk in Brno

  • 24.10.2018

    Entities and beings in a psychedelic healing process

    My talk in Prague

  • 2.10.2018

    Biohacking with psychedelics

    My talk in Paralelni Polis, Prague